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We have published this page to support our application to Tachyon by ConsenSys Ventures. We, Veljko, Jose and myself, Matthew are encouraged at the prospect of joining the accelerator for the spring 2019 cohort and are ready to grasp the opportunity with both hands and an open mind. Thank you in advance for your consideration. You will find below:

  • An introduction video
  • A version of our pitch deck
  • Our white paper

Pitch in 9 slides

Founders Introduction Video

The Team

White Paper Sensi Papers


On October 17, 2018 Cannabis joined the G7 ushering the beginning of the end, marijuana prohibition is dying. It’s our intent that by 2021, the Sensi Project will be the spark that merges the technology & the treatment; blockchain & cannabis. Both have co-existed and thrived together on the edges for at least a decade. Growing, evolving, learning, educating, transforming and almost simultaneously becoming mainstream and compliant. Cannabis rules are being changed enabling millions of patients access to treatment. Generating trillions of transactions and trillions of new data handshakes. Attitudes are changing. However we have a long way to go. This is our vision on how blockchain can help us get there.

Disclaimer: This is a work in progress and, therefore, a draft version of the final paper.
Please, do not cite or distribute without the author’s permission.
Matthew Virtue, Jose Caballer, Veljko Skarich
Brooklyn NY February, 2019

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“It’s like Seagram’s back when Prohibition was in place and just about to end, but it’s more than that. This has never been an industry.”

Deborah Weinstein, the lawyer in Ottawa who handled Canopy’s move onto the Toronto Stock Exchange

Looking forward to meeting the ConsenSys team in person and hopefully working together in an effort to best position the community, ourselves and the brands we represent for continued success. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me directly, my mobile is 347 300 9044 and email is – Matthew Virtue